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Discover who you hype up in challenges among your family, colleagues, or friends, who you defeat in trivia battles, and who shocks you with their answers in Tellmee's Ask Me Anything! 🌟 #ChallengeChampion #QuizMaster #AskMeAnything


Challenge your partner, colleague, or someone from the family to tasks they know nothing about! 🌟💪 #UnexpectedFun


Take on a knowledge quiz against the Quiz Master or your friends. Tellmee will put you to the test! 🧠🔥 #QuizTime #ChallengeAccepted


Ask questions you wouldn't normally ask. Get answers that could change your life! 🌟💡 #AskBoldly #LifeChangingAnswers

Right away. Always.

Tellmee pops the question or throws you a challenge. Then, let your natural reactions shine!

Crafting an awesome one-minute video on Tellmee? Takes just a minute! 🚀 #ExpressYourself #TellmeeMagic

No fake today.

Tellmee relies on authenticity. It's designed to make the creation of the vid as easy as possible, but with the best possible result. When you're making fun videos, they don't let you fake it because you're responding to an input you don't know in advance.

The key is being real and effortlessly fun

Tellmee is the first video app that goes all out to create authentic content. You're going to love it!


questions or challenges

Tellmee will enchant you. It quizzes your knowledge, taps into your emotions, and even recalls last night's party highlights. Get ready for a set of funny tasks with surprises at every turn. You never know what's coming your way! 🤩🎉 #TellmeeAdventure #UnexpectedFun



For every answer, you have from fifteen to sixty seconds. Whether you take a Quiz, Challenge, or Ask Me Anything, the best part is, you always know it 'right off the bat'. 🚀🕒 #QuickDecisions #TellmeeMagic


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or with pals

Let Tellmee ask your closest ones questions you'd never ask yourself. Or challenge them on how well you know each other. In Tellmee, you can create with just yourself or join the fun with millions of friends. 🌐😄 #TellmeeTogether #ChallengeConnections


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You can save your created videos to your phone or share them on any platform. 📱🌐 #ShareTheFun #TellmeeCreation

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Tellmee is part of the Maitreja ecosystem.

A place where ideas follow real needs. With utmost respect for privacy and, above all, the free individual.

And there's truly a lot to discover.

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CEO @ Company

"It's a space that doesn't play mind games, doesn't force me to binge-watch unnecessarily. It champions authenticity and freedom of expression, without cashing in on user data for third-party sales. 🚀🤘 #KeepinItReal #ExpressYourself"

Mait Chat
CEO @ Company

It's a way to stay in control of your communication. No worries about your messages becoming part of marketing targeting or psychological profiling. 🛡️🚀 #OwnYourCommunication #PrivacyMatters

Founder @ Company

It's an app that authentically, entertainingly, and simply connects the needs of foundations and non-profit projects with socially responsible companies, their employees, and the public. 🌐🤝 #ConnectingForGood #SocialImpact

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